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Gough Partners was established in June 1996 by Margaret and Graham Gough. Click the link below to learn more.


Welcome to Gough Partners - Owners Corporation Managers

Gough Partners can provide professional Owners Corporation Management services to help you get the most out of your home or investment property.

Gough Partners been providing quality Owners Corporation Management to the owners of strata titled properties for the past seventeen years. We are able to offer a personalised and cost effective solution to all your Owners Corporation Management needs.

We manage all types of schemes including Strata, Company Title and Community Schemes. This includes everything from a block of two residential apartments to large mixed use high-rise buildings, we also manage commercial or retail buildings.

The benefits of professional strata (Owners Corporation) management services include:
  • Preparation and control of realistic and cost effective budgets.
  • Regular review of insurance policies to ensure that all Owners Corporations are adequately covered.
  • Arranging and chairing the annual general meeting and preparing accurate minutes.
  • Organising repairs and maintenance and providing referrals to quality tradespeople.

Owners who appoint Gough Partners to look after their home or investment can feel confident that the building will be managed in accordance with all requirements of the Owners Corporation Act 2006. Owners will also feel secure in the knowledge that they can call and have their questions or problems addressed in a courteous and efficient manner.

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